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This is Where I Draw the Line

Drawing the Line

 When I was little, I remember wanting to be a cartoonist just like my dad. He had a little studio in the basement of our 1940's brick ranch house. When he was working, I would quietly go downstairs and try to sneak up on him. He always knew I was there. Something about being an artist....specifically a cartoonist.......really appealed to me. At first it was the kneaded erasers. I LOVED kneaded erasers before I even knew what they were for. To me it looked just like a little piece of Play-Doh. But when I found out it had a ERASE things.......I couldn't wait until the day I was old enough to have my own.......presumably when my dad didn't feel there was any danger that I would eat it. Which, as I remember, was when I turned 36.  

But there was something about art supplies that really got my attention. Paper, pencils, erasers. florescent desk lamps, electric pencil sharpeners, magic markers (hey, they're MAGIC, how can you NOT be intrigued?).......even today, when I go into any office supply or art store, I can get lost in there for hours. No, not because of my incredibly poor sense of direction, but because I feel at home in those places. At least I do until the manager asks me to buy something or leave.

The other thing that made me want to be a cartoonist was the idea of being able to work at home, alone, and yet, thru my work, reach thousands of people. That seemed perfect for me! So as a cartoonist, to be able to draw and create by myself, and have what I make appear in public whether in the newspaper or on a t-shirt I created, I feel good about what I do. I've made and sold hundreds of t-shirts since I was in high school.

My lifelong dream has been to sell a comic strip and be nationally syndicated. I've been sidetracked over the years, but I hope to get back to working toward that goal shortly.

In the meantime, I keep busy with my other website, The Real Cats by Chillpaw. That is where you will find cat-and dog-themed merchandise, some of it benefitting various animal rescues when indicated.

I also created and run a Facebook page to help the cats at West Milford Animal Shelter in NJ get some publicity. It's called The Real Cats at West Milford Animal Shelter. 

Most of my artwork revolves around animals in some way. This website is where you will find some samples of the artwork that I have created over the years.